Quality & Environment Policy

Quality policy

First, Ensure that all employees understand and realize quality policies and goals through continuous training and promotion.
Second, Create organizational bodies, assign responsibilities and authorities, and prepare adequate resources to achieve the stated quality policies and goals.
Third, The CEO shall establish, and continuously maintain and improve the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of IATF16949:2016.
Fourth, The CEO shall review whether the established management system and the stated quality policies and goals are effectively implemented on a regular basis, and take proper actions.

Environment, safety and health policy

First, The CEO shall recognize environment, safety and health as the basic elements of management, and consider environmental safety first in all processes, including product production and sales.
Second, The CEO shall operate and improve the policy to manage the achievements of environmental safety efficiently.
Third, The CEO shall comply with various environmental safety regulations at home and abroad, as well as international treaties, and establish internal standards and implement them continuously.
Fourth, The CEO shall establish and implement targets and detailed targets to improve environmental safety and health performance.
Fifth, The CEO shall take the lead in the advancement of environmental safety and health management by announcing the Environment, Safety and Health Policy to all employees and strengthening cooperation with suppliers.